SheEO is a Radically Generous Community Supporting Women + Non-binary People Working on the World’s To-do List.

SheEO is a global community transforming how we fund and support women working on the World’s To-Do List (UN Sustainable Development Goals). Our model brings together hundreds of radically generous women called Activators who contribute $92/month or $1100/year. That money is pooled and then loaned out in the form of 0% interest loans to women-led Ventures whom the Activators help select. As the money is paid back into the fund, it’s loaned out again to support more women-led Ventures each year.

Since launching in 2015, 6,000 Activators across five countries have collectively loaned out $6M to support 94 women-led Ventures. SheEO Ventures have a 95% payback rate on the loans, triple-digit revenue growth, are creating hundreds of new jobs, and are aligned with 2+ of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Are you IN?

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Join us to learn from the women who are redefining business to create the change that we need in the world, now more than ever.

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“Our ecosystem-based model dramatically improves outcomes for women entrepreneurs. With the SheEO model women show up as customers, advisors, network connections and funders of revenue-generating women-led businesses that are working on the World’s To-Do List.“
Vicki Saunders, Founder