We grow globally competitive tech titans that build-to-scale in Canada.

ventureLAB is a not-for-profit innovation hub located in Markham in York
Region, Canada’s second largest tech cluster. Through its programs
focused on capital, talent, technology, and customers, ventureLAB has
supported over 2,000 tech companies and entrepreneurs, including 100
companies that have raised over $200 million and created close to 4,000
jobs. ventureLAB’s innovation hub is a 50,000 square foot facility that
is home to over 45 tech companies and innovation partners that employ
over 300 people.
"Innovation comes from diverse perspectives, and that is something we lead by example at ventureLAB and is the hallmark of what we do. Tech Undivided is creating an inclusive tech ecosystem that increases representation by reducing unconscious bias, and we are committed to fundamentally changing our language to drive necessary change in culture and perception — where “female” founders are simply “founders”. Where expertise, merit, results and track record come first."
Melissa Chee, CEO