Have you ever wondered how to become the disrupter before you get disrupted?

Secure your seat at our virtual roundtable with Amber Mac!

Register today for StrikeUP 2021 for your chance to secure one of eight seats for a 90-minute virtual roundtable session with Amber Mac, our keynote speaker for StrikeUP 2021! Amber is a world renowned expert on all things marketing, transformation, innovation, and tech. This could be your opportunity to ask Amber about a business challenge you are facing or to receive advice from her on your innovative disruption plans.

Amber boasts more than 122,000 followers from around the world, each eager to consume her hard-won insights on the next generation of business and consumer technology. Now is your chance to get your one-on-one time with her.

The Virtual Roundtable is scheduled for Thursday March 11, 2021 and will be executed by a private zoom meeting. Please ensure you are available on this date if you select to enter for this opportunity as part of your registration. 

Let’s StrikeUP together to advance women to lead our economic recovery.

Let’s StrikeUP to strengthen the capacity within the entrepreneurship ecosystem and grow the number of women-owned businesses.