Mentor Meetup 4

Ditch the Pitch - Networking for Mental Wellbeing

When you’re your business… but a human too!

Presented by Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network (WOSEN)


Traditional approaches to entrepreneurship tell us to embody our business - after all, you are your brand (or so we’ve been told)! But, what does it mean when lines start to blur, and the distinction between who you are and what you do begins to fade. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely, mentally and emotionally taxing experience, especially when the “hustle” becomes more important than the “human”. The purpose of this session is to meaningfully connect beyond business. Let’s decolonize our “brands” and consider our whole selves as humans with full lives AND women with businesses.


Audiences will learn:

  • Ditch the Pitch - find new ways to talk about your organization that better align with who you are
  • Mental Rental - share your humanness, not just your business, for meaningful connections that enhance mental wellbeing
  • We’re not Walking Widgets - Shift your mindset and decommodify yourself as a business owner