For many years, I thought I was thinking big but I realized I was wrong. I changed my perspective and my business exploded! Today I empower business owners and leaders to increase their 3Ps (Performance, Productivity, and Profitability) by helping them discover the four destructive conditions that may be affecting their success, using my proprietary Operation Model. I look forward to sharing with you the strategy that helped me shift my business so you can shift yours!

My name is Linda P. Cousineau, Founder and CEO of Empower Growth Inc.. I am a global bilingual Entrepreneur, Award-winning Speaker, energetic Trainer and certified Coach

10:30 AM ET   WORKSHOP 4

Become the Only Logical Choice (French Only)

What if you could stand out from the crowd enough to pique your prospects’ curiosity, and become the only logical choice? What’s the secret? It’s “thinking deeper” prior to thinking bigger. Allow me to show you the strategy that helped me shift my business so you can do the same, and achieve the success you were meant to enjoy. Opportunities and possibilities are awaiting!


Audiences will learn:

  • How to gain clarity as to your market reputation
  • Understanding your clients' problems from their perspective
  • Discovering the first step to becoming the Only Logical Choice