Melissa Davis, the President & Brand Architect of Ugly Dukling, is a creative visionary. She has gained a wealth of experiences & awards in the retail industry for over 25 years. Globe & Mail awarded Ugly Dukling as top 10 businesses in Canada.

Most recently Davis has been selected by the iconic brand Barbie as 1 of 60 role models who has become successful in their field & inspires independence, self acceptance and reinvention to women around the world. This accomplishment was featured in all Toys R Us stores throughout Canada, with a special pop-up event in Toronto, Ontario.

Ugly Dukling is an influential on-line lifestyle fashion & beauty boutique that collaborates with iconic brands, blockbuster films & celebrities to create adult capsule collections. Campaigns with special curated pieces, are launched through exciting experiences and memorable pop-ups in Cineplex Theatres, The Shopping Channel, Specialty Retailers & Luxury Department Stores.

10:30 AM ET   WORKSHOP 2

Real-Time Strategies for Business Success: A Conversation with Women Leaders

Women are at the forefront to lead Canada’s economic recovery and are displaying amazing examples of how creative thinking, quick pivoting and steadfast determination is allowing them to succeed. From scale-up to start-up to adaptability, today’s women business owners are overcoming hurdles and making their mark in our economy. Join us as we host a conversation discussing the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face and how their out of the box approaches have paved the way for their success.


Audiences will learn: 

  • Unforgettable lessons on driving organic sales;
  • How knowing when to pivot is critical for business survival in today’s economic climate; and,
  • Practical tips on raising funds and funding your business for success.