Mentor Meetup 1

Ownership of IP: Founders’ Most Valuable Asset

Creating your intellectual property strategy.

Presented by Rise, Small Business Centre & Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation

Women-owned businesses are less likely to protect their Intellectual Property. Why is that? Hear from Myra Tawfik, award-winning IP researcher, professor and lawyer, as she discusses the importance of protecting your company’s greatest asset and dives into the world of trademarks, copyright, trade secrets and patents. During the first 20 minutes of this session, Professor Tawfik will provide insights and strategies to protecting your Intellectual Property. She will also invite a women-owned business to share her experiences in doing so, which will be followed by a fireside chat and Q&A from the audience.

Audiences will:

  • Learn what different kinds of IP exist within your business
  • Understand how to protect your IP
  • Ask questions to an award-winning IP lawyer, researcher and professor