Poppy & Peonies is a female-founded, cruelty-free Canadian fashion and accessory brand. The story of Poppy & Peonies began when a little girl was born, her name is Poppy. The journey of becoming a Mom inspired Natalie to create Poppy & Peonies in 2014. Natalie was a new Mom looking for functional fashion that worked with her new lifestyle as a Mom and couldn't' find it so she decided to take her design background and create it.  What started out as an idea operating out of my basement has grown into a purpose beyond fashion. Poppy & Peonies believes in empowering women and building female entrepreneurs by helping them grow their online businesses, crush their goals and chase their dreams.

12:30 PM ET         PANEL

Women at the Forefront: Women Entrepreneurship Fund + Economic Recovery

Showcasing successful women entrepreneurship fund recipients.

Women entrepreneurs face unique barriers when running their own business. In Canada, only 16% of our small and medium-sized businesses are owned by women. The Government of Canada is investing nearly $5-billion that seeks to double the number of women-owned businesses by 2025. Join our panel discussion to learn how women business owners have leveraged dollars from the Women Entrepreneurship Fund to overcome challenges and grow their business.