Dr. Shelley Morgan graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy from the State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo School of Pharmacy in 2002 prior to that she had obtained a BSc. in Biology and Environmental Sciences. After graduation she worked in both community pharmacy, Stateside at Rite Aid, as well as a Clinical Pharmacist at Chedoke-McMaster in both its ABI and Stroke Programs. One of the prized lessons she took from her father, an immigrant from Jamaica, was to look at the problems at hand and find a way to fix them for yourself.  This advice has taken her through her entrepreneurial journey.

Currently living in Oakville, Ontario she is the Co-founder and CEO of Rx Billing Genie, an App that helps pharmacy staff save valuable time when processing prescriptions.    Her previous endeavour was Zipsessory, a jewelry solution, that was featured on the Marilyn Denis Show's Momprenuer Program with guest hosts Dennis O'Leary, Amber Mac and Linda Reeves.  Dr. Morgan is also a part-time staff pharmacist.

10:30 AM ET   WORKSHOP 2

Real-Time Strategies for Business Success: A Conversation with Women Leaders

Women are at the forefront to lead Canada’s economic recovery and are displaying amazing examples of how creative thinking, quick pivoting and steadfast determination is allowing them to succeed. From scale-up to start-up to adaptability, today’s women business owners are overcoming hurdles and making their mark in our economy. Join us as we host a conversation discussing the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face and how their out of the box approaches have paved the way for their success.


Audiences will learn: 

  • Unforgettable lessons on driving organic sales;
  • How knowing when to pivot is critical for business survival in today’s economic climate; and,
  • Practical tips on raising funds and funding your business for success.