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Radical Generosity with SheEO

Ask for what you need and give what you would like to offer!

Presented by SheEO


Join us for a SheEO Ask/Give session. Connect with fellow women-identifying and non-binary entrepreneurs, share your business, and get support in the challenges you are facing.


Here's How it Works:

  • Tell us about your business or project;
  • Share an Ask - What do you need the most help with right now? Be as specific as possible; and,
  • Offer a Give - What support would you like to offer? Whether in response to an Ask, or a general offer to the guests in the breakout.

At SheEO, Ask/Give is based on our core value of #RadicalGenerosity. Part of our credo reads, “We have all that we need in this network to reach our potential. If you need something, ask. If you have something to give, please offer it.”  We believe we are one step removed from anything you may need - all you need to do is ask. If you don’t have an Ask or a Give, don’t worry! You are still welcome to join. A lot of entrepreneurs join to listen and then think of an Ask/Give during the session.


Audiences will:

  • Learn how to make a specific Ask
  • Meet other entrepreneurs in the community
  • Get the support you need to grow your business