Welcome to StrikeUP Conference troubleshooting page.  Please most commonly asked questions.

Each session will have a countdown timer.  When this timer expires your video stream may not start automatically.  A play button will appear in the middle of the video player.  Press play to begin watching the live video stream.

You may also try refreshing your browser and then pressing the play button.

If you continue experiencing video playback issues please use the ‘ALTERNATIVE PLAYER’ link in the Troubleshooting section underneath the video player.  This will open a separate page with only the video stream.  If you continue to experience issues watching the steam you can re-watch all sessions after the conference.

Use the volume control on the bottom left hand side to of the video player to adjust volume.  By default the volume is set to 100%.

The video stream uses open captions.  You cannot turn them off during the live stream.

1. Before the chat starts this message will appear.

2. To login click “Click here to join the conversation…” at the bottom. 

3. Login using the “Guest” or “Facebook” options. (You may have to login with your Facebook credentials).

4. You can invite friends on Facebook.

5. All users can search for other users in the chat room by their username.

6. Administrators appear in red.

7. All users can private massage each other by clicking on a user name. A private chat window will pop-up.

8. Any user can logout by using the logout feature.  It will allow you to login again.

9. When the chat ends this message will appear.




User accounts were created during the registration process.  You may use your account to login the StrikeUP website post event to re-watch the sessions.